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Unlinked The Terfs From Main Page

4 Oct

I will no longer be linking to this site from the main site. This site is too triggering and simply reading the quotes page is enough to make almost anyone feel abused. I want to try and make the main site as safe as possible. The project wasn’t created with TERFs in mind. It was created after an experience of being abused online that I had. Some of that was from a TERF, mind you but that is not the reason I started the site. This site, however, will remain in the current domain and as I and others are able, will be updated.

Hiring Bloggers For The Terfs

1 Oct

Hiring might be the wrong word as you wouldn’t be paid. However, this is a perfect place for you to blog about your experiences with abuse from the TERFs and to address their harmful agenda. The only rules are this:

  1. Don’t break the law
  2. Don’t support the TERF agendas that are designed to oppress us
  3. Do not instigate situations to blog about

Before we create your account, you will be thoroughly vetted.

Also looking for someone I trust to help update the Terf Quotes page. It hasn’t been updated in a while and there is plenty of hate out their to archive.

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18 Sep

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