I Will Not Be Silenced

1 Oct

“Someone” sent an email to my place of employment today. Not going to mention names and please don’t in the comment section if you make one.

I actually received a copy of the email because I am on the abuse alias for my University.

I am gong to ponder about this for a bit. The initial shock of it all caused a panic attack, of course. Pretty severe one but made it through it.

I have been at Penn for close to 15 years and have proven I know my shit when it comes to my job. My job is most secure. My University ignores letters like this as most others do. I warned my boss it could happen from this specific individual about a week ago! I have also contacted my healthcare provider as well. What other part of my life do I need to warn people about this person?

And NO, I am not going to shut up. This is purely a silencing technique and it won’t work on me.



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