The TERFs Are Becoming Restless.

17 Aug

Hate is a weird thing. There are clear stages it goes through during its lifetime, from ridicule and baseless claims to anger and violence. Many people have reasons to hate, a reaction to a personal experience or wanting to feel part of a group, even to hide an even bigger hate.

TERFs have been spewing hate towards trans* people for decades. They seem to think transwomen erase cis women and that we are all rapists. So that’s the baseless claims, in the same vain as the homophobic “Gay marriage erases traditional marriage” claim might I add.

The thing is, their material is getting old and tiresome. So of course they step up their game when it comes to the abuse and claims they dole out. They is illustrated perfectly by a couple of recent entries on the GenderTrender blog. The first was about Pte Manning, and as you expect, the comments were full of some amazing statements.

Yeah, because it’s not like cis women take pictures of themselves… oh wait…


Just for clarification, Manning passed on lots of classified US documents to Wikileaks. These exposed the unlawful slaughter of innocent people in drone strikes etc. What this TERF is saying is that the fact Manning exposed the slaughter of innocent women, children and men can be written off because she did not read every single document she leaked. Yeah.

What do you take away from that? TERFs are willing to turn a blind eye to mass murder just so they can belittle a transwoman?

The next post was about the hashtag #fuckcispeople. I won’t get into whether the hashtag was a good idea or not, since that is not appropriate for this post. Lets take a look at some of the comments on that post shall we?


Wow. That left me speechless. The fact that the murder and rape of trans people is the issue, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. TERFs often say that violence towards women goes unreported. According to this comment, that means it does not happen.

And that is some massive victim blaming. That comment states that If you are in prison, you  deserve to get raped, so don’t go to prison! That sounds awfully like the MRA argument “If you didn’t want to get raped, you should not have worn those revealing clothes!”

You want examples of trans people being killed? Where do I start? Not heard of Angie Zapata? Brandon Teena? Here’s a tip, go on and read.


Ahh BevJo, the TERF who has said she would like to kill transpeople. Her first point is right, more cis women are killed than transwomen. But any death is a problem. Would Bev say the recent deaths in Egypt do not matter because 6 million people Jewish people died in World War 2? There are also a massive amount of cis women compared to trans women.

These types of claims are sadly starting to become expected as more people see their views for the bigot spewings they are. They are a group slowly losing control and they do not know how to claw people back. It’s almost sad how they do not realise how they are digging their own grave, all this will be used to deny them a platform when they try to hold RadFem2014 and other future conferences.

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