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What’s With The Mass Murder And War Crimes?

24 Aug

Carrying on my point from the other day about the lack of discussion from TERFs in regards to the war crimes and mass murder Chelsea Manning uncovered, the following was tweeted out last night:


If you have missed the news recently, Assad is the president of Syria and has been accused of a recent chemical weapon attack on Syria.

Yes, Victoria (I’m not a TERF but I do 100% support their views!) Brownworth is comparing Assad to trans* people standing up for themselves. Sickening.

TERFs: The Insurance Fraudsters Of Feminism

22 Aug

You know the ones. They pretend you hit them in your car by jumping on your hood while you are moving slow and pretend to have an injury so that they can claim on insurance. Pay them attention and they will have gotten their way. TERFs work in exactly the same way.

They will bait people or organizations into a reaction and then use that to play the victim and continue their baseless claims. So how do you solve a problem like TERFs? You ignore them. I know, I know, this whole site is here to call them out, but it’s also here to archive the things they say to pass on to future venues, to give them the full picture of the people they are booking. I myself am also guilty of playing into their hands. But it needs to stop.

What made me come to this realization? Two fairly recent organizations attacked by Cathy Brennan. DIVA magazine and Bar Wotever. DIVA is a UK magazine for lesbians and gender queer people, they are welcoming of trans people. Bar Wotever is a gender queer and LGBT+ friendly bar in London.

The editor of DIVA magazine, Jane Czyzselska, posted this piece about lesbophobia: Of course Cathy Brennan commented on the piece. Was it a constructive comment? Probably not, all three of them were removed because they did not abide by the community standards. You’d think after the first one she would get that her hate isn’t welcome.

Brennans' comments on lesbophobia piece

Not content with harassing the author on the Guardian site. Cathy posted a comment to the Everyday Lesbophobia page.

The comment was quickly removed but you can imagine it was filled with hate to warrant the deletion. Jane was nice enough to let Cathy know why it was deleted:


The cotton ceiling isn’t new to DIVA, they ran a great piece on it a while back:

This of course set Brennan off on her “Look at me! React to me!” ways, harassing various social media accounts.



Jane or any account associated with Jane/DIVA did not respond to Cathy except from what you see in the two images above.

Likewise, Bar Wotever used their legal right to throw Cathy and her friends out because of their history of harassing and abusing members of the community the bar hosts. A great summery of events can be found here:

How did Cathy try to be the victim? She claimed the bar threw her out because she was a lesbian. Yes. A gay/gender queer bar throwing someone out because they are a lesbian. Like usual, there were calls from Cathy and her cronies to sue the bar, looking to get a reaction from people who support the bar since funnily enough nothing happened. Everyone laughed at Cathy for claiming a gay bar was being homophobic and talking about suing because of it.

Bar Wotever reacted with a simple statement on their facebook page stating what their policy is on allowing people in and removing them from the bar. That’s it. Throw her out, get on with things and let her behave like the child she is.

That is the general view everyone needs to take. Constant childish Twitter feuds are pointless. Deny them a platform and ignore them while they thrash around like babies looking for attention. They won’t get the hint and go, but we will be free to get on and work towards the big social changes that need to happen.

The TERFs Are Becoming Restless.

17 Aug

Hate is a weird thing. There are clear stages it goes through during its lifetime, from ridicule and baseless claims to anger and violence. Many people have reasons to hate, a reaction to a personal experience or wanting to feel part of a group, even to hide an even bigger hate.

TERFs have been spewing hate towards trans* people for decades. They seem to think transwomen erase cis women and that we are all rapists. So that’s the baseless claims, in the same vain as the homophobic “Gay marriage erases traditional marriage” claim might I add.

The thing is, their material is getting old and tiresome. So of course they step up their game when it comes to the abuse and claims they dole out. They is illustrated perfectly by a couple of recent entries on the GenderTrender blog. The first was about Pte Manning, and as you expect, the comments were full of some amazing statements.

Yeah, because it’s not like cis women take pictures of themselves… oh wait…


Just for clarification, Manning passed on lots of classified US documents to Wikileaks. These exposed the unlawful slaughter of innocent people in drone strikes etc. What this TERF is saying is that the fact Manning exposed the slaughter of innocent women, children and men can be written off because she did not read every single document she leaked. Yeah.

What do you take away from that? TERFs are willing to turn a blind eye to mass murder just so they can belittle a transwoman?

The next post was about the hashtag #fuckcispeople. I won’t get into whether the hashtag was a good idea or not, since that is not appropriate for this post. Lets take a look at some of the comments on that post shall we?


Wow. That left me speechless. The fact that the murder and rape of trans people is the issue, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. TERFs often say that violence towards women goes unreported. According to this comment, that means it does not happen.

And that is some massive victim blaming. That comment states that If you are in prison, you  deserve to get raped, so don’t go to prison! That sounds awfully like the MRA argument “If you didn’t want to get raped, you should not have worn those revealing clothes!”

You want examples of trans people being killed? Where do I start? Not heard of Angie Zapata? Brandon Teena? Here’s a tip, go on and read.


Ahh BevJo, the TERF who has said she would like to kill transpeople. Her first point is right, more cis women are killed than transwomen. But any death is a problem. Would Bev say the recent deaths in Egypt do not matter because 6 million people Jewish people died in World War 2? There are also a massive amount of cis women compared to trans women.

These types of claims are sadly starting to become expected as more people see their views for the bigot spewings they are. They are a group slowly losing control and they do not know how to claw people back. It’s almost sad how they do not realise how they are digging their own grave, all this will be used to deny them a platform when they try to hold RadFem2014 and other future conferences.

The Not-So-Pretty Hate Machine

11 Aug







This Is How TERFs Twist Things

8 Aug

Do not trust what a TERF tells you. EVER. Because it is total bullshit.
@Jackieme2009 was concerned about trans women and the bedroom. I told her she didn’t have to worry about that.

Turns into this. Surprise, Vict(im)oria Brownwroth! Surprise surprise.