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Victoria Brownworth And Her Transmisogyny Problem

26 Jul

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So, what does an award winning writer think of Trans* Women’s genitals? She thinks they are funny and that it is okay to make fun of. As you can see in this tweet capture below. Ann Tagonist (Nic Nesbitt) once against refers to our post-op genitals in a disgusting way and Victoria Brownworth jumps on the band wagon. She thinks our genitals are funny and need to be waxed.

Columnist, editor, award-winning journalist, cancer survivor, community leader and cat shelterer is adding a new title to her CV: publisher. Her new imprint, Tiny Satchel Press aims to provide smart, thoughtful books for young LGBT readers—especially queer readers of color. We chatted via email about her newly released anthology of African-American short stories, Greg Herren’s new YA novel, the classism of e-books, and vampire cats, among other things. – See more at:

Did I forget to mention she asked a 15 year old trans boy to see his genitals?  I guess it wasn’t a “manly bleeding vag as an asshole”.

Disgusting on many levels. Even casual racism as a lot of women of color are unable to have a “bleeding vag as an asshole”. BTW, Nic Nesbitt was the main organizer of Radfem2013 who helped get their first venue cancelled. She is working on getting the next one cancelled as well and I assure you, theterfs will be watching and archiving. Radfem2014


UPDATE: Another gem from Victoria. This page is going to be dynamic and be updated as she spews more anti-trans rhetoric. “Real Women” meaning trans women are fake women.