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The Astell Project Transphobia

10 Jun

This is a very unfortunate situation. What started out as an amazing opportunity to address gender inequality in education seems to be turning into an anti-trans organization. At least this is how it looks from some recent tweets by founder of the project, Triona Kennedy. The LAST thing the transgender community needs is a transphobic organization teaching kids. Our community can’t even handle the current amount of hate and violence directed at is. This is a very serious situation if this project takes off. Currently there are only around 450 signatures on the petition.

The following tweet was tweeted by the @astellproject:

Here she puts identifying in quotes and then goes on to mock transgender people. There seems to be no ambiguity here. She was called out on it but wanted to answer in private. However, she did give a generic response.


Looking at the project’s timeline really brings it home as they  support #radfem2013 and also publishes retweets of transphobic feminists. The following are some of the retweets:

Here are some supportive tweets to #radfem2013 where blatant transphobia has been posted by TERFs. Not one transphobic comment called out by this “feminist”. She also attended the conference.

Here are some tweets from #radfem2013 that had to be seen by the Astell Project. And many tweets protesting the transphobia in the hashtag.



Now for a tweet from December 11, 2011 which does not seem to match the above activity.

Something must have happened since. Hopefully we will find out soon.