TheLesbianMafia Ramps Up Their Transphobia

27 May

@TheLesbianMafia has escalated their anti-trans agenda. They (though I think it is actually just one person) has been upset about trans women wanting the same rights as they do. One thing they have been clinging onto is the bathroom meme that trans women are a danger to “real women”. The same what if crap the right wing extremists use to deny rights. The same irrational fear that whites used against people of color. That allowing minorities to have the same rights they have will somehow oppress them or put them into danger. They are all conspiracy theories with little facts to back them up.

Some recent tweets from TheLesbianMafia 27th May 2013 from TwitLonger

We do what we can to minimize being offensive and we wouldn’t give a remote shit if trans activist’s quest for “rights” didn’t conflict HUGE with ours and no one give a remote shit about us. Trans people are sided with instantly, without thought. That’s fucked up. Because a few men commit violence against a few transgender people, women need to just eat it and shut the fuck up. Are you kidding?

Not to mention the population difference. We’re half the planet, transgender people are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. The minorities rights in America should be protected and preserved as long as they do not infringe on the majority. Our rights conflict. Undeniable. Compromise is required. Trans activsts don’t want to even hear us let alone compromise, we’re supposed to just suck it AND fight FOR THEM regardless of any conflict.

Trans activists target women’s shit when the conflict exists, that’s what we are trying to continually point out. They won’t even acknowledge or listen, neither will the lgbt, feminsits or libs. they won’t acknowledge the CONFLICT, they just try to roll over bitches, we aren’t even allowed to say, hey wait a second, will ya? You are just branded transphobic, dismissed and run over. And if bitches persist and won’t be “educated” and insist that they DO understand and are NOT transphobic, then they need to be maligned to silence them.

Because it is permissible for everyone to justifiably shit on and try to eradicate anyone who opposes any aspects of the transgender agenda. They want to ERADICATE women who consistently disagree. But we are very specific about what we disagree about. We have a problem with the conflict of rights and how any concerns are beyond dismissed, are labeled HATE and women usually lesbians are painted as the oppressors of trans women simply because many of us won’t just suck it and stfu. We will not be sucking it. We will continue to point out the conflict.

Because a few men commit violence against a few transgender people

First off, it is extremely offensive to denigrate the violence against trans women. You are trying to make it sound like it is a rare occurrence and that is not true. In fact, the transgender community suffers incredible violence. 1 in 12 trans women are MURDERED. 1 in 8 trans women of color are MURDERED. This doesn’t even count the violence that just breaks our bones. It also doesn’t include the disgustingly high numbers of attempts at suicide which is 42% of ALL trans people attempt it. Why? TRANSPHOBIA

Threats to silence trans women

We aren’t feminists or radical feminists. We don’t subscribe to any ideology, we think for ourselves, in case haters haven’t noticed.

We support the right for RadFems and transgendered activists to exist and to disagree.

The Lesbian Mafia uses whatever pro-nouns anyone prefers, we have no desire to define anyone or their identity, HOWEVER there are aspects of the trans activist agenda and tactics we have huge problems with and we will continue to talk about whatever we have a problem with. It’s what we do. We do it with a myriad of subjects.

D-bags trying to align us or anyone with RadFems is simply an attempt to silence us. It doesn’t matter what your opinion of their ideology is, RadFems have a right to speak and gather but they are the one group that everyone feels free to silence and demonize so d-bags will try to align us and anyone who questions the militant trans activst agenda with RadFems TO silence us all. It isn’t going to work, you’re fucking with the wrong bitches.

Keep it up. Soon we’ll talk about how trans activists are attacking RadFems and doing everything in their power to close down their conference again. Same way they hound Michfest they hound these women so they can’t gather and have a fucking conference. Keep it up, we’ll get on that too.


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